Our Company's Events


The Company has an interesting programme of events for Liverymen and Freemen, including exclusive visits and tours of houses, collections and exhibitions relating to the arts and the City, with the occasional arts related tour abroad. These events are a combination of formal City or Company events and other events arranged for members through the year by the Events Committee.

Each year the Annual Dinner for Liverymen, Freemen and their guests is held in January at one of the larger City Livery halls with a prestigious speaker from the art world, and the Livery Dinner is held in October or November for members of the Livery at one of the smaller Livery halls.

The Eva Weninger Spring lecture is given by a member of the Company to other members and their guests each spring.

In the autumn the Company hosts The Mithras Lecture for members and a wide cross section of guests from the City and other Livery Companies, delivered by an eminent speaker on a subject of common interest related to the historic and decorative arts.

The Company also arranges an "Anthology of Skills" event in February each year, at which a number of members have the opportunity to provide a short presentation on a subject of their choice around a broad theme chosen for the event each year.

Through the year the Company hosts and is able to invite its members to a range of less formal lunches and dinners, giving the opportunity to visit others of the forty or so halls in the City, including our adoptive home-Furniture Makers' Hall as well as participating in City events such as the United Guilds Service at St Paul's in March and the Election of Sheriffs at Guildhall in June



The Company has taken as its emblem this marble head of Mithras of about 180-220 AD. It was discovered during the excavation of the late Roman temple of Mithras just off Queen Victoria Street after the Second World War and is now in the Museum of London.

Mithras was a complex cult figure embodying light, truth and regeneration.

To the Company of Art Scholars this emblem represents the history which lies everywhere beneath the surface of the City of London.