Future Company Events


Schedule of Events 2017.


Thursday 18th May 2017

Installation of New Master & Wardens

Vintners' Hall

Application Form for Liverymen attending Installation

Application Form for all members to attend Dinner following Installation


Wednesday 24th May

Visit to Kenwood and Lauderdale House.

Application Form

Wednesday 5th July

Common Hall followed by dinner.


Details to follow


The Company has taken as its emblem this marble head of Mithras of about 180-220 AD. It was discovered during the excavation of the late Roman temple of Mithras just off Queen Victoria Street after the Second World War and is now in the Museum of London.

Mithras was a complex cult figure embodying light, truth and regeneration.

To the Company of Art Scholars this emblem represents the history which lies everywhere beneath the surface of the City of London.