Future Company Events


Schedule of Events 2017.


Friday 8th December 2017

Guided tour by member Dr Sam Moorhead of the British Museum Exhibition

Scythians:Warriors of Ancient Siberia. Limited to 20 places.

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Schedule of Events 2018


Monday 22nd January.

13th Annual Dinner

Carpenters Hall

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Thusday 8th February.

An Anthology of Skills

House of Lords TBC


Monday 12th March.

Pocket Lunch

Ironmongers Hall

Details to Follow

Friday 16th March

United Guilds Service and Lunch

St Pauls Cathederal

Details to Follow

Thursday 19th April

The Eva Weininger Spring lecture

Venue TBC

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Wednesday-Friday 25th-27th April

Overseas Visit.

Ghent-Brugges. Belgium.

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Monday-Saturday 10th-15th September.

Overseas visit


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The Company has taken as its emblem this marble head of Mithras of about 180-220 AD. It was discovered during the excavation of the late Roman temple of Mithras just off Queen Victoria Street after the Second World War and is now in the Museum of London.

Mithras was a complex cult figure embodying light, truth and regeneration.

To the Company of Art Scholars this emblem represents the history which lies everywhere beneath the surface of the City of London.